Business and Corporate

The ‘Business and Corporate’ category can cover a large waterfront, from the formation of a new partnership or venture, to the acquisition of a fierce or friendly competitor, to the sale or merger of a mature business, and everything in between. Sometimes there is no specific transaction on the horizon, and instead the principals seek our counsel and guidance to keep the business on a path that will one day culminate in an exit or other transaction. Other times, an owner may seek our advice on matters dealing with family members participating in the business. Often the solution may be more practical or personal than rooted in the law. Being able to analyze the situation and discern what is needed to achieve the client’s objectives is paramount, and that is what we do.

The multi-disciplinary background of each of our firm’s lawyers provides a breadth of knowledge and experience upon which to draw, and that background sets us apart. Each of our lawyers has been actively involved in other businesses and endeavors, something that contributes to an understanding of not only the legal and tax aspects of a transaction, but also the personal dynamics and relationships that often weigh heavily on the decisions faced by most companies, particularly those that are non-public or family owned.  

Regardless of what may also be involved in the project, whether it be a writing an effective letter, creating just the right documents or planning the entire transaction, we believe that most clients hire us first and foremost for our judgement. Our ability to offer candid and reasoned advice, understanding all the forces at play, distinguishes our lawyers from the rest. Whether the client’s plan is fully identified, or perhaps less concrete and more conceptual, ETG has the experience and expertise to craft a legal solution that addresses our client’s business objectives.